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Bellapais Studio & Gallery was established in Bellapais Cyprus, by Costas Joachim and Susan Kerr Joachim. They are both painters, graduates from Bath Academy of Art in UK.

The Studio was inaugurated in 1972 and continued to function until July 1974 when the artists were forced to leave.

In 1977 the Studio & Gallery was re-established in Nicosia, where the artists now live and work. It houses a large collection of their paintings from early to recent items. Visitors are welcome during week days; paintings are on show and for sale.

You may view our general collection on-line, and also see our on-line exhibitions of recent work.

    Paintings of Bellapais by
Susan Kerr

Bellapais with Almond Blossoms in 1920's

Bellapais Cloisters 2003

Bellapais Re-visited 2003
Paintings of Bellapais by
Costas Joachim

Bellapais Re-visited 2006


Dark Gothic Cloisters 1973

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