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SUSAN KERR JOACHIM  - Biographical Note

     Susan Kerr was born in London UK 1943.

Studied fine arts at Bath Academy of Art, UK, specialising in painting. Awarded the National Diploma in 1965, Art Teacher’s Diploma in 1966.

Participated in group exhibitions. Travelled in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

In 1966, settled in Bellapais, Cyprus and acquired Cyprus citizenship

Lived and worked in Bellapais where, with husband Costas Joachim, established their own Studio & Gallery until 1974.

Lived and worked in London and Athens with Joachim and returned to Nicosia Cyprus in 1977, where they re-established their Studio & Gallery.

Taught Art at the American International School in Cyprus from 1987, Head of Art Department until 1998, then part-time 2001 - 2008

Susan Kerr’s first solo exhibition was at the Cyprus Hilton in 1969 and she has subsequently held eleven more solo exhibitions, including two in Berlin and Munich.

Participation in several important exhibitions includes:

‘Revolutions’ 1950 - 1970’, Arts’ Centre Nicosia, 1997 (with British Artists)
Millennium exhibition, Nicosia 2001 
Cyprus Artists 1960 - 74, Arts’ Centre, Nicosia, 2002
18th International Exhibition, Omma Gallery, Crete 2003
Participation in 6th International Biennale of Florence 2007

‘Artefirenze’ International exhibition of Contemporary Art Florence, 2008
7th International Biennale of Contemporary Art Florence, 2009



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