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Susan Kerr is participating in the
1st International Exhibition

at Palazzo della Podesta - Gipsoteca Libero Andreotti in Pescia [51017] Italy


Artist’s comment on the subject  ‘Art & Integration’

Susan Kerr
Art and Integration

Art is visual communication which, by expressing universal thoughts and feelings, can integrate people of all nationalities. It is said that we all come from the stars, and my paintings express the cosmic experience, which can be shared by all. The word ‘cosmic’ is of Greek origin and yet is universally comprehended. Wherever you are, the night sky is visible, reaching into the depths of the cosmos. My art is a universal visual experience, expressing the awe, the vastness and beauty of our magnificent universe in which we live. It was inspired by the total eclipse of the sun in 1999, [which I personally witnessed] revealing the universal laws of co-existence that we, on our tiny planet, should value and respect.

 Susan Kerr   Nicosia 19th March 2010



‘Distant Galaxy’ ‘Distant Sun’ ‘Star Clouds’ ‘View of Pescia’
2008  2010 2010 2010 
Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas Oil on Canvas
122 x 92 cm 122 x 92 cm 100 x 80 cm 60 x 73 cm

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